Saturday, November 27, 2010

The one true reason

Chief's story, which has finally ended today. 7 months, and 27 days, over. He is wearing a warm blanket, and he is not in that garage anymore. People finally returned. They had been here before. That is all that matters in this story.

As the CHDC says, no horse is ever truly safe. They are just safer with some people, than they are with others. Could be worse, I'd always think, reading some of the horror stories out there. Not all of them, of course. Cases like the starvation of those 33 horses near Barrie in 2005 come to mind.
How long did that take for the one horse to finally go down?
Consider that, too. Why isn't an animals' neglected distress "actionable" until the animal is near death?Why is neglect so impossible to stop? Why do so many people prefer to keep animals in a state of permanent distress, which is what I consider neglect to be? And why is it so utterly impossible for the government's appointed Animal Welfare Officers to detect? How is it even possible for an equine veterinary specialist to condone a horse in a cage?

Puppy Mills are also considered suitable and adequate, as long as there is food water shelter & sanitary, you are good to go. No exercise is required, according to the decrees I have listened to, from our Animal Welfare officers.

Animals are stoic. They do not scream and cry when they run out of food. They just stop living, very, very slowly. Perhaps that is why neglect is so impossible. It is too quiet. The media wants a bang, not a whimper. Whimpers are dull.

Chief was a demonstration of the Animal Welfare Laws, as they stand in this province of Canada.

Chief was sent to remind us that it does not matter what kind of animal you are, you may be caged in inappropriate circumstances that negatively impact your health. For as long as is "necessary".

You suffer, because it is a "necessary" suffering. Your owner deems it necessary. And that is all you are, an owned product. Merchandise. For Sale. You have as many rights as a farm animal, and they don't really have many, at all. Pets are just animals. You can pack them tighter together, the smaller they are.

As long as you are at least alive, you are decreed to be healthy. Go down, collapse, OH, then, the law notices.
But not before.
Never before.
There are more cases like Chief's out there. We do not hear about them. The neglected are quiet.

Someone Talked.
Chop, Chop.

To Raising A Ruckus. One voice at a time.

For KC. RIP.

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