Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apalachian Chief - Heaven to Hell

Horse Heaven - Apalachian Chief at his previous stable
April 2, 2010

Horse Hell
Thank you, OSPCA, and the veterinary community. Clap, clap, clap.
A question for you all.

Which is worse? Slaughter, from which Chief was saved at the auction, or this? Comments are open, but will be moderated. Sorry.

After allowing Chiefs' health to deteriorate to this state from April 1, 2010, to November 27, 2010, less than a year later, late October 2011, reports say, Apalachian Chief's's vet euthanized him, at the request of the owner.

Reports from the stable say the owner refused to medicate Chief, and continued to insist that mucking and other necessities were not required, nor desired. Reports say the stable owner was owed for Chiefs' board, but started feeding and medicating Chief out of their own pocket. Reports say Apalachian Chief was improving. None of these reports can be verified, safely, for the reporter's sakes.

One final report. The OSPCA threatened to charge Chief's owner, unless the new location of Chief was  divulged. The initial response from the OSPCA, upon being notified that Chief had been moved Nov. 27, 2010, was that they knew where he was. Did the OSPCA ever question the new stable owner? Did they follow up? Why would they? They had decreed in November, 2010 that Apalachian Chief was fine. Apalachian Chief was under a vet's care. Again, two vets condoned this "care" on August 9, 2010..

No crime has been committed. Reports say that the owner deemed that Apalachian Chief was not improving.The vet does what his client requests.

How many more animals shall this owner enjoy the privilege of neglecting to poor health and then euthanizing?
Answer, just keep counting.

To Apalachian Chief.
Aye, a long run home.

addendum, June 9, 2013. Just an excerpt from the NFACC site.
Regarding equines. You know, like Chief.

Here's the link to the whole PDF, all five gabillion pages of it. Of course, people need to know how to read, for this to be useful. NFACCEquineCodeofPractice

Horses must have some form of exercise or turnout at least six days out of seven, unless under stall rest
for medical reasons or severe environmental conditions make this temporarily impossible."
Impossible, indeed.